~ Daniel Léo Simpson ~
~ Composer ~
"An award-winning American Composer With a Flair For Creating 'Contagious' Music. . ."

Daniel Léo Simpson, an award-winning American Composer with a flair for creating "contagious" and engaging music, specializes in unusual, interesting and dynamic works of every genre. From concerti and symphonies to commercials and film music, he is distinguishing himself as unique in his field. His music has now been performed to world-wide audiences in Japan, the Czech Republic, Italy, Switzerland, Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands among many others.

What People Are Saying About The Music Of Daniel Léo Simpson:

Comments on Gypsy Fantasy Variations [Violin & Orchestra]
"This musical composition is comparable to
the symphonies or masterpieces by the
greatest classical musicians like Dvorak,
Tchaikovsky and Beethoven.
Daniel Léo Simpson ... Pure Genius !"
~Philippine Red Cross Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Richard J. Gordon~

Comments on Piano Sonata in Eb
You are just a modern-day Mozart, or Schubert, Haydn, Chopin...
I can't make up my mind which---combined! ...
There is so much variation in your work, dimension...
I hope the very best for you in future Sonatas.
I am going to share this on my FB wall. :~)
~Christina Stickler, United States~

Siempre es un placer y una fuente de inspiracion escuchar sus obras Maestro.

Why did you hide this piece for 30 years?
~Daniel Hangebrauk, Germany~

Comments on Mass in F
When I heard your beautiful musical composition,
A pleasure of singing came to my mind again!
I'm sure you're a great composer.
That's not a compliment becase I'm an honest person!
You're music has magnetism for every people
and is shrouded in mystery.
Someday I'll sing your beautiful music .
Thank you very much !
~Tenor with Koriyama Second Junior High School, Japan~

In future years Daniel Léo Simpson will be recognised
as one of the great composers of the modern era.
~John, Australia~

Wow...really beautiful work,
I love the few twists of modern progression you tease with in the first movement.
My personal favorite was that last movement, should be in a movie,
just amazing how it builds. Pulled me in and I really felt it.
You are a modern master, hats off!
~ Mark Wilson, United States~

Comment on My Lucia" (from the Opera, 'A Night at the Opera')
Very beautiful. This will certainly be a success in USA
Can you send to me the scores?
~ Fabio Duarte Corrêa, Brazil~

Comment on Gypsy Fantasy Variations again!
I seriously think he is the best living composer!
~Daniel Hogan, United Kingdom~

Thank you for sharing us such a wonderful music..
I really enjoyed every moment of you music.
You are the GREAT ONE.
God bless you. Cheers,
~Tekin, Turkey~

Comments on Inno alla Madonna del Sasso
I continue to admire your talent.
You are on your way toward becoming one of the
world's greatest living composers.
It is my hope your orchestral works eventually find their way
to our world's A-list symphony orchestras.
They deserve to be played and heard in our concert halls.
~Ray Grosswirth, United States~

I think it simply amazing.
I have been listening to it all day after
I downloaded it and I am still listening to it.
Thank you for share this great music with me.
~Agatha, South Africa~

Recibir estas composiciones maravillosas es de las experiencias mas gratas al abrir mi inbox,
gracias Daniel Léo Simson!! muchos de tus temas tocan mi corazon.
]Receiving these wonderful compositions is the most rewarding experiences in opening my inbox,
thanks Daniel Simson Léo! many of your songs touch my heart.]
~Blanca Duran, Mexico~

Comments on Psalm 4 für Countertenor und Orchester
Dear Daniel,
I think you may have outdone yourself with this one!
Your music is absolutely stunning and refreshing.
Thank you for sharing.

Bellissima Daniel. Non deludi mai.
Entusiasmi sempre. Grazie.
~Pierino Pasquotti, Milano, Italia~
[Beautiful Daniel. Never disappoints.
Enthusiasm always. Thank you.]

Excelente inspiracion, buena orquestacion, y magnifica composicion,
su estilo de composicion es un homenaje al estilo europeo,
entre al barroco y clacisismo, entrando sutilmente al romanticismo,
se nota su amor a Bach, Haydn,Mozart y sobre todo de Dvorak,
algun dia con su permiso, realizare alguna pelicula con alguna de sus obras,
si Usted me lo permite.
~Alfonso J. Perruca, Barcelona, Spain~
[Google Translation: Great inspiration, great orchestration and wonderful composition,
its style of composition is a tribute to
European style between Baroque and Classicism to,
entering subtly romantic,
showing love for Bach, Haydn,
Mozart and Dvorak especially,
someday with your permission,
I'll make a movie with some of your works.]

Comments on Invention No. 24 in Ab minor
WOW!! Voce esta? se aproximando de Bach!!
~Paulo Benicio, Brazil~

There are some guys who post their music,
and it all sounds much the same.
They've learned to do one thing well.
The thing about Simpson is that he can do it all.
He can do light music, and he obviously can do counterpoint.
He's a total composer.
Keith Otis Edwards, United States~

Comments on Ave Verum Corpus - S.A.T.B, Strings, Horn, Timpani
I love this one. It sends chills down my spine instantly.
Nice job, Dan...! Keep it up
~Francis Forte, Malaysia~

...the best Ave verum since Mozart.
~Martin Raetz Jr., Berlin, Germany

Comments on Invention No. 7 for Harpsichord
The piece evokes ancient suggestions and restores my soul.
Thank you
~Benito Ciarlo, Serravalle Scrivia, Italia~

Wow. Oh for the love of music!
That was wonderful and I could listen to it over and over again.
All your compositions are great -
this belongs to the same GREAT category.
Well done Daniel.
~Cheryl Fiedler, Australia~

Wow! I have never heard music with this feel.
This is a truly astounding work.
Completely beautiful development and theme...
...in my opinion this is on par with Bach or Handel's inventions,
but with a distinctly aesthetic and modern temperament.
Well done! Please write more!
I am excited to listen to the rest of your works
~Kyle Russ, United States~

Comments on Church Sonata No.1 for Violin, Viola, Cello & Organ
Thanks for sharing this heaven`s part,
it take me high, very high!
You`re fantastic composer!
Thanks for this moment of peace! Thanks a lot!
~Evandro Oliva, Sâo José do Rio Preto, Brazil~

Comment on Sonata for Two Trombones & Pianoforte
You span 400 years of wisdom in one musical piece
~Alex Corona, Mexico~

Hello Daniel!
..thank you so much for sharing such beautiful works....
i sat through all 38 minutes of the
4 Movements of the Viola Profonda Quartet (twice!)
....it's such a beautiful piece...
again, thank you for sharing such beautiful music...
i truly believed such Classic Artists
as yourself no longer existed.
You bring back a nostalgic yet modern
feeling like no other i've come across...
i get lost in your work sir.
You are a modern day Classical
blessing to us all...worldwide.

greetings from Houston, Tx. USA
- you're absolutely amazing!
Ps....i will ask Santa for your cd...!
~Kim Alaniz, United States

Comment on your video: Concerto for Oboe d'Amore 1/3
This concerto definitely deserves to be played in public!
And well done choosing the oboe d'amore over the oboe:
I find it has a much more "living-soul kind" of sound.
I'm so very relieved to hear modern-day composers
producing music again without the shackles of
"absolute novelty" and paranoid escape from
"traditional harmony" of the 2nd half of the 20th century.
Finally, composers are free to inject
new sounds and combinations in proven pleasant techniques!
~Robin, Canada~

comment on II-Finale - Concerto for Violoncello & Orchestra Thank you so much for sharing this amazing classical concerto
for violoncello and orchestra with us,
this music sounds just magnificent, well done,
our compliments to you for this great job -
B R A V O - 100 golden stars for you !! Dearest greetings from
~Chris and Mayka - The Netherlands~

With person like you our planet and civilization has future -
Thank you for this hope!
~Angelexa, United States~

Comment on your video: Salzburg Sonata - 3rd Mov: Tarantella ~ Le reminiscenze di Mozart Geburtshaus
O__O oh my god ! This is the music of angels !!!!! You are great as Mozart !!!

November 2010
Comment on your video: Tuscaloosa Tango ~ Daniel Léo Simpson
Astor Piazzolla extended the Tango well beyond its original form,
and now Maestro Simpson has taken it yet another step.
~Pepitho, Spain~

I am listening your psalm, once...
and another time, again, again...
... and inventions!
Crying and trembling; you have talent, love and tenderness.
¡Cuánto trabajo y disciplina detrás de esto!
Los hijos de J.S. Bach no tenían esta categoría.
Esto es un verdadero hallazgo.
Gracias, Dios.
Google Translation: Much work and discipline behind it:
the sons of J.S. Bach did not have this level of status!
This is a real find.
Thank you, God.
~Pepitho, Spain~

Nocturne for pianoforte
I listen to it before I get up in the morning
I listen to it when I wanna escape from this world
I listen to it when I need console
and it's the last thing I listen to before I go to sleep.
Words from the bottom of my heart.. Simpson,
your music has become a drug to me,toutched me really deeply,
I simply can't get enough of it!
I just wanted to tell you how much u'd amazed me,
and how much your music means for me.
I also hope you always will have a burning passion for music,
it makes me feel so warm when people takes music seriously.
~Noona, Sweden~

Eich cerddoriaeth canu gyda golau a harddwch ac yn cyffwrdd fy enaid.
[Your music sings with a light and beauty and touches my soul.]

Comments on "O Corvo" for Piano and Bass voice
Muito obrigada pelo vídeo, não conhecia ainda "O Corvo".
Fiquei ouvindo, ouvindo... é impressionante o seu trabalho, que talento,
é coisa de Deus mesmo!
Privilégio conhecer Marcelo Moraes... grande poeta!
Fantástico trabalho!!!
~Marina Wakigawa, Brazil~
[Google translation from Portuguese]
Thank you for the video, not previously seen "The Raven".
I was listening, listening ... your work is amazing,
what talent, is something of God himself!
Marcelo Moraes privilege to know ... great poet!
Fantastic work!!

Dois grandes juntos... o resultado é inevitável! Grande trabalho!
O clima tenso do setenário, a côr grave do clarinete...
apoesia linda do Marcelo valorizada em tão rica harmonia do Daniel...
poderia ser melhor? E "nada" enfatizado no final é simplesmente perfeito,
impressionante! Parabéns!!!!
~Marina Wakigawa, Brazil~

[Google translation from Portuguese:
Two great together ... the result is inevitable! Great job!
The tense atmosphere of the septenary, color clarinet serious ...
apoesia beautiful Marcelo valued in rich harmony of Daniel ...
could be better? And "nothing" is emphasized at the end is just perfect,
amazing! Congratulations!!

Comment on your video: Val Verzasca - A Symphonic Idyll by Daniel Léo Simpson
Thanks for sharing, because not only bread and water live the people.
It's a blessing to listen your music.
My Heavenly Father's bless you.
~Laszlo, Romania~

Comments on 1st Movement of Concerto for Oboe d'Amore
Absolutely awe-inspiring! How did you learn to compose this well?
WOW. This is absolutely beautiful! I will listen to it often.
Do you have an album? What talent!
~JF, United States~

This is a masterpiece Daniel!
Tres agréable a écouter...Belle compo...Merci du partage...Dominique
Contemporary, timeless and inspiring right here in San Francisco. Beautiful!! Thank you!
What a wonderful piece--so beautiful and passionate....
Absolutely BRILLIANT!...
Amazing! How long does it take to compose such long pieces???
~John Leonard, Canada~

Invention No.17 in E minor ~ Daniel Léo Simpson
"Superb! This work a new word in music!"
~VladArtamonov, Moscow~

1st Mov. ~ Souvenir of Salzburg ~ Le reminiscenze di Mozart Geburtshaus
Brilliant, brilliant, brilliant!
Your masterpiece is comparable to some of the early piano concertos by Mozart himself.
Mozart would be very pround if he heard this!
5 stars without the slightest doubt!

Psalm 100 for Organ - A Psalm of Thanksgiving - Daniel Léo Simpson aireschel1787
Dear Daniel, this music is having an extraordinary effect on me today,
fitting in with my thoughts on what is or ought to be a memorial
to countless lives given and lost, each one precious to someone.
Your soul communicates here and I feel very honoured to have met you over YouTube.
Many thanks for posting this.

Invention No.18 in F# minor ~ Daniel Léo Simpson
If Johann Sebastian Bach could hear that, he would explain that he has a new son named
Daniel Léo Bach!.
I have enjoyed this contrapuntal piece very much.
It runs happily and beautifully like a ribbon of embroided lace.
A thousand times thank you for this aeolian and agile work.
I am honored by your friendship request.

vegislav (12 minutes ago)
Thanks! For the whole day only one thing is coming through my mind,
what if Daniel Léo Simpson would write a classical guitar piece for me?
Of course I`m asking too much, but who knows...

fromheretoglory (12 hours ago)
Thanks for your invitation,.... Gosh!!!
I wouldn't dare to comment your music which is absolutely superb,....
I'm just gonna say that it hits right into the sky, bringing it closer to us!!!,.... I CAN HONESTLY TELL YOU, BY A CLEAR MILE, THAT THIS IS THE MOST ORIGINAL CHANNEL I HAVE EVER SEEN !!! :-)

Book of Psalms - Psalm 003 - Daniel Léo Simpson
Must I repeat a thousand times ? Genius, genius, genius......

initangulo (1 hour ago)
just listened to your composition!
You are in line with the greatest composers of all time.
Keep it up.
More power and God bless your God-given talent.
Congratulations for this wonderful piece!!!!
Continue to compose beautiful music. You have such a great talent!!!!

BANCROFT161 (50 minutes ago)
merci beaucoup pour ton invitation I listened your music is very interesting
the contrastes alot things I listened in your sonata I like alot special the second movement,
2nd Mov. ~ Sonata No.2 in Bb ~ Le reminiscenze di Beethoven Piano Sonata
you are very tanletouse amazing!!

rig6704 (2 minutes ago)
Hello Daniel, ...I have no musical training and have only been making music for about two years.
Your music gives me something to aspire to.

PH5473 [Taiwan]
To Dear Daniel:
how can i got you record?
how to buy
i love it i must got that
even in USA
so show me how to do
thanks a lot
ps.maybe i can send the record made by me for you
if you want it
i love you my friend!

1st Mov. ~ Piano Sonata No.2 in Bb
excellent !!! j'adore cette composition, felicitations
Wow, this is awesome! Thanks for your music :)

paik71 (17 hours ago)
You are talented. genius.

MasterAzunai (2 days ago)
what about a link for this one!? wow u are great!

Pajarillo57 (2 weeks ago)
Another great piece of music!

Thanks a lot. I enjoy listening these wonderful inventions! 5*****

Je vous ai manque sur Youtube et se suis demande ou vous etes alle !
Oui, je vous ai a remercier pour ceci -
maintenant j'ai des abonnes et comme vous ai suggere,
je reponds a TOUS commentaires. Vous aviez raison ! ;)
Je dois apprendre mon francais encore !
(J'utilise un traducteur en ligne)

Did I told you ??? You are my hero !

The third movement of Salzburg Sonata is to me a briefing of some composer and styles.
I'm reaaally proud of the works you write you are unique and I wish you the best.
I imagine how much work and time and sacrifice it needs to reach your level and I look
at the result and I'm soooo happy,
that I wish to take the path that you proved so many times to be reachable.
Sorry for my english ....

All your works are 5 *****
Philippe Thomas

Comments on Salzburg Sonata - 3rd Mov: Tarantella

jikkehond (1 month ago)
I watch this with open mouth. great video you made and all is correct .
What an idea to create this. Fabulous. ♥♥Je@nnette♥♥

viennapianoplayer94 (1 month ago)
I also watched it with open mouth!! O_O you are a great componist.
if I didn´t know you composed it,
I would think it was one of the great componist from the 18th to the 19th century! but not 2009 - I love this!!!

MaurusR (1 month ago)
Wow que talento! Gracias por compartirlo amigo Simpson, ha sido muy grato escucharlo,
y constatar todavia se puede hacer musica en un lenguaje convencional.

tnsnamesora (1 month ago)
It's great. Very-very impressive.

PhilippeThomas84 (1 month ago)
Clementi and Scarlatti would have been so proud of you.
It is really a masterpiece!!! Congratulations !

That's GENIUS !!!

LtTemeraire (1 month ago)
10000000000/5 stars
absolutely great!!!

Comments on Invention No.11 in Eb

NN2Blue (1 week ago)
User Well, that was a ray of light on a very gloomy New Years Eve!
I enjoyed that very much! Happy new Year! - Mike

9hbmus73 (1 week ago)
This is a wonderful and perfect piece in the barock style of BACH.
It is very difficult to write such a piece and it is also difficult to play it at the piano. Great masterwork of you !

JSLLH (1 week ago)
you are an incredible musician and composer !
i love your music !
thank you for this beautiful music !

Comments on Soliloquy for Violin & Orchestra

JacobPohlsander (4 days ago)
This gave me chills I love it. Can't wait to hear more.
I hope to hear this with a real orchestra one of these days. Thank you so much. Jacob

AndresVera24 (1 week ago)
Realmente bello

JulienAntoineTouafek (1 week ago)
A beautiful piece ! I would love to play it one day....thank you for linking
the sheet music with the piano transcription !!

douglassmcann (1 week ago)
soliloquy, is the revealing of one's inner most thoughts, with the suspension of disbelief,
that allows the actor to speak the words..
love the dsharp note moment...and the invisible supporting left hand...
the triplets uplift me, such genius,,,and this composition says so much

GIANNIMUSART (2 weeks ago)
How would be nice hear this composition with a real orchestra!
My compliments dear Daniel.

angelexa1 (2 weeks ago)
Maestro , thank you for  your amazing music !

thitachamido (2 weeks ago)
Beautiful and very easy to play. Thanks for the music.

Greekviolin (3 weeks ago)

ralitoiv (3 weeks ago)
So beautiful piece!!!Thank You very much!!!

Nicolasduca (3 weeks ago)
i played the first page

Nicolasduca (3 weeks ago)
Nice job. Can you send me the sheet music for orchestra? Or just a midi is enough.

violinoable (1 month ago)
You are a very good composer.
This piece is beatiful, of the type I like to play,
with great intensity!!!!Bravo!!!*****

cogermax91 (1 month ago)
beautiful piece !!bravo !!!*****

wetbird (1 month ago)
I love this piece.
I'm happy to have you as a friend and I've subscribed to your channel.

Kylujo (1 month ago)
I play the cello, and I'm like your song "Soliloguy," but it is written for the violin.
Where would you wish and let me play your song with the accompaniment of the school orchestra,
is a very I asked for transforming this piece for cello I think this would sound romantic song beautifully performed by the cello.
Please send me (if such be your will) scores for the orchestra and music for the cello.
Cellist Agata

doremi61 (2 months ago)
Complimenti vivissimi per questo brano!
Mi piace moltissimo, spero di avere
l'opportunita un giorno di poterlo eseguire! ***** Giulio Menichelli

verylemon (2 months ago)
wonderful !

marekpiano (2 months ago) what a wonderfull piece! don't know what to think about it,
but it give me a warm feeling.
de same phenomenal power as in john williams ''schindlers list theme''

carmenviorica (2 months ago)
It is something new for me. Wonderful!

PhillipLWilcher (2 months ago)
....and rightly so. I'm genuinely touched that your work has been recognized in such an appropriate way.
The respect of one's peers means so much. The Award, performance and recording are well deserved. Congratulations Daniel!

PhillipLWilcher (2 months ago)
Dear Daniel,
This is so beautiful.
Wonderful, really wonderful!
Bless you!

pianogirl98 (2 months ago)
Beatiful!!! All the stars for you!

earthatic (4 months ago)
Absolutely beautiful! So this piece is going to be recorded! I can't wait to hear it with a real orchestra!

doremi61 (1 month ago)
Complimenti vivissimi per questo brano!
Mi piace moltissimo, spero di avere l'opportunita un giorno di poterlo eseguire!

violinoable (5 days ago)
You are a very good composer.
This piece is beatiful, of the type I like to play,
with great intensity!!!!Bravo!!!*****

Kylujo (4 weeks ago)
I play the cello, and I'm like your song "Soliloguy," but it is written for the violin.
Where would you wish and let me play your song with the accompaniment of the school orchestra,
is a very I asked for transforming this piece for cello I think this would sound romantic song beautifully performed by the cello.
Please send me (if such be your will) scores for the orchestra and music for the cello.
Cellist Agata

Comments on The Art of Schillinger
JSLLH (1 week ago)
you may as well get used to my comments on your site !
iam experiencing great joy listening to your compositions !
if you ever do a concert in british columbia canada , let me know ! all the best to you ! les copeland

2nd Mov. ~ Sonata No.2 in Bb
LFWOL (1 month ago)
All of your pieces seem to have a healthy dose of harmonic and rhythmic variety without meandering to absurd complexity, great job.

gemanrioaks (1 month ago)
User Heehee awesome!
You are so awesome I really admire you. =)

DarkRaimundo (1 month ago)
Interesting indeed.
You are a great composer! This piece has lovely melodies.

Audiomancer (1 month ago)
I've tried writing piano music,
but I can never seem to get it right. I look forward to hearing your next piece

earthatic (1 month ago)
A really fantastic, beautiful piece!
I really love the melody! 5 star and most definitely favourited! One of my favourite pieces from you so far! :D

This is very lovely. I do some composing for fun,
but I've never been able to do something to this level. I can definitely hear Chopin in the beginning, though. Bravo. LetTheMusicFlow1 (4 weeks ago)
..at the first two notes, i thought it would be Chopin Nocturne.
but then i kept listening, and heard something JUST as substantial. good work!

LetTheMusicFlow1 (4 weeks ago)
.....on this piece,
i give you nothing but my most sincere praises. This is absolutely stunning; you will most definitely be a leader in the Neo Classicist movement. keep composing!

emina77f (4 weeks ago)
Did you compose something for the flute? I play the flute.
I lived in NYC I 'm in Europe right now. ( Serbia) Best regards Emina Kokoric

russ2246 (3 weeks ago)
Wow, this is a wonderful composition.
Would you feel the piece works well with some rubato to it? There's very strict tempo to it and it sounds wonderful,
but with some pedal and rubato maybe I think it'd sound even more amazing than it already is! Thanks for the friend invite. I gladly accept.

philos71 (3 weeks ago)
Right at the first couple of notes
I thought I was going to listen to a rendition of Chopin's Nocture, lol. But no, it went into quite a beautiful phrase. You're very talented.

bagdad4 (1 week ago)
hi, thanks for the friend invite!
i like this work, and although youve obviously matured since when this was written, its still a good piece, very similar to the 4th beethoven sonata in parts, but still maintaining an original sound

EdwardWhelanPiano (1 week ago)
It starts out like Beethoven,
but at bar 54, you get into an early Baroque sequence which I don't think Beethoven would do.
The start of the development sounds like Brahms on steroids! You have mastered the sonata form and adopted a very "orchestral" way of writing for the piano. This may not be original in any way but I'm in awe at the skill you have to reproduce the classical style.

MrSeanrobson (5 days ago)
User Amazing compositions

Comments on 1st Mov. ~ Souvenir of Salzburg
thefatpenguin2003 (1 month ago)
magnificent work indeed ,
I cant help but wonder what is it like composing for an orchestra . I beleive there are certain genre norms you follow along the way but still it is a complex task ,is it not?

itube2402 (1 month ago)
absolutely fantastic work! i would rate it 10/5 if i could.

magourquiol (1 month ago)
Me encanta su trabajo. Tiene la frescura de la musica vienesa. Enhorabuena. 5*****

earthatic (1 month ago)
Absolutely amazing!
I really enjoyed listening to it! The string orchestra adds a great effect! :)

joeplatter (1 month ago)
danke dir fur deine klassik uploads.
bin immer hochst erfreut, wenn jemand so liebevoll beitragt, dass fur andere musik hochster qualitat erschlossen wird, danke ciao giovanni emanuele

marcogilli (1 month ago)
Bravo Daniel! Bella musica, complimenti. Ciao, Marco da Bergamo (Italia)

biju049 (1 month ago)
Danke,Daniel! Das ist wirklich ein Bijoux! Gliuckwunsch aus Bulgaria!

ceb2633 (1 month ago)
Very lovely composition.
So great to hear new classics!
The very best wishes to you and keep composing. We all are enriched. Claudia

orionedwin (1 month ago)
Delicious! I love what you've done to capture the flavour of the classical era!

squibblejack (1 month ago)
Awesome Musical Composition, thank you and Bravo...

musicapan (1 month ago)
Beautiful music. I will listen many times. Thank you very much.

33unoka (1 month ago) Show Hide
sehr schone Musik, danke!!!!

HornitosConcerto (1 month ago)
This is great, I love the key change from Em to Bm......
or as we rockers hear it Em to E dorian....nice !!

Rafoio (1 month ago)
Musica maravilhosa, um estilo galante, com Mozart.
Alias, vc e um novo Mozart. Parabens por brindar o mundo com tao linda peca. Tambem sou compositor, procure por Te Deum Rafael Sales Arantes e ouca tb. Grande abraco.
Rafael Sales Arantes

lauramilher34 (1 month ago)
Amazing !!!

gusbracchi (1 month ago)
Bellisimo! This is nourishment for my soul!
Thank you, thank you, thank you!
Gus from Buenos Aires
otonanoC (1 month ago)
The finale is exquisite. Where can I read more about your background and your bio?

Ferdiphone (1 month ago)
Wow..!! wonderfuuuul....!! I Like it.. Thanks for sharing********* Wish you the best.

DIVAWON (1 month ago)
Completely Stunning and exquisite! Beautiful! More please. Just wonderful!

youngrph (4 weeks ago)
User Wonderful and brilliant work! I am very surprised that there are people out there still writing like this! Very impressive! I like your upbeat and energetic theme and how it is being developed. I especially like the changes in m#109 and on. Thanks for the good music!

Comments on 3rd Mov. ~ Souvenir of Salzburg ~ Piano & String Orchestra
davidscottatcl (37 minutes ago)
Im very impressed with this peice. Your musicianship is exellent.

BytomGirl (2 days ago)
Wonderful!!! True virtuosity!

giuseppedolce (3 days ago)
Bellissimo concerto, hai veramente e profondamente interpretato lo spirito del concerto mozartiano e con la massima creativita, per giunta! Complimenti per il tuo modo di intendere il comporre in modo originale e attualissimo.

ravisol (5 days ago) Really beautiful! Awesome! Ramiarcat (6 days ago)
Hello Daniel. This piece was composed is Beautiful is a Very vital and intense !Bravo.

Tetrafonia (1 week ago)
Yes !!!
I believed what YOU said and ... found it ...
When I connected to YT, I couldn't imagine that I could find so importand people and composers like You ...
I am greatfull !...
Thaks again !

1milanmit (1 week ago)
Hello Daniell. This is the your first peace j have heard.
J am realy impressed!J now what j will listen tonight.Bravo.

AccessGuy11 (1 week ago)
Very vital and intense piece! I can only imagine how this would
sound performed by a real orchestra and piano soloist. The computer/synth realisation is quite good (Sibelius?) - certainly good enough to give a real feel for the composition.

russ2246 (1 week ago)
This was fantastic to listen to, Superb as always :)

Beatlemarek (2 weeks ago)
Piękny utwor!!!Dziękuję verbadocent za przesłanie :)

beginner57 (3 weeks ago)
Very good job, even if it seems composed in the XIX century. It sounds a little like Chopin or Liszt, with some Bach's influence. Anyway, very pleasant!

zoatebix (1 month ago)
I *think* I understand why it's in 3/8, but, as a performer, I think that there are long stretches of that would make more sense to me written in 6/8 with measures of 3/8 when you (to borrow from disco) "turn the beat around."

Not that I actually have the chops to comment on this piece "as a performer" :P

gkertsopoulos (1 month ago)
Bravo Daniel, it is inspiring and made my day, wish you the best, Yorgos

2013redsox (1 month ago)
really like the pizz. and arco. added to that adds a fine touch to the piano part. great job

KonradGFischer (1 month ago)
Congrats! A very good to hear modern music coming out from a real artistic composer's heart-beat.

WesChannel (1 month ago)
superb instrumental !!! its from heaven. thanks!!!!

deltat4 (1 month ago)
Amazing piece!!!

verylemon (1 month ago)
great execution ! Nice video that allows to SEE and listen music. Bravo. Comments on Tuscaloosa Tango
packjim56 (5 hours ago)
There are not enough stars allowed in the rating system for me to properly rate this, nevertheless here is a paltry 5. It deserves a 1000. Unfortunately, I'm not allowed to vote that high.

JorPove (1 day ago)
Compositor maduro,creador de musica permanente. Permanente porque esta enraizada en el pasado con vision de futuro sin la existencia de "soluciones de continuidad". Este es un desideratum que ha impulsado a los creadores de todos los tiempos para darle asidero y universalidad a sus creaciones. Pasado y presente se unen,por tanto en los instantes de tiempo en que esta pieza cubre. Es como la atemporalidad eterna ( si cabe la redundancia) del espiritu en que Daniel Leo enmarca su obra musical.

danceofthedruids (1 day ago)
Nice! We don't get to hear modern interpretations often. alinasshushkina (3 days ago)
This means that music evolves and is no longer anchored in the past.Brilliant!

205crain (3 days ago)
I'm playing in the All-State Festival, Violin 2 I love this piece, & this video is very helpful.

59azucar (3 days ago)
I love it! I will try to hier all your work, really nice!

SNGspot (6 days ago)
I very much enjoyed this. I am more fond of orchestration than just piano and synth work. Some of your other compositions if orchestrated would be superb I think.

ch252525 (6 days ago)

trms83br (3 weeks ago)
This is just great!! Bravo! I loved it!

ahmadjawadi (3 weeks ago)
Yes, so beautiful composition, fantastic orchestration, very beautiful sounds, very well done with the links and the form as all, very smooth transpositions from scale to scale, One phrase: you are Fantastic composer.

teislas (4 weeks ago)
This is Tara Islas from Alexandria, VA. Congratulations on your accomplishment! I enjoyed listening to it very much. I grew up in Alabama and participated in All-State band and orchestra for several years. Amazing how our paths cross!

6K6R (1 month ago)
Great composing very nice work 5***** Claude

spootboot (1 month ago)
that is one massive enormous project worthy of a live orchestra performance!! just 690 views! shame on youtube audience. 1milanmit (1 month ago)
Tango is perfect.Full of  emotions.

Skbllz7153 (1 month ago)
Excellent idea! The fugue part left me speechless, expecially because it comes out fully unexpected, as if good old Bach's spirit had been passing by and left his mark... very good orchestration, too. Bravo! goldenarrow52 (1 month ago)
Bellissima composizione, bravo!

Piedpiperofniles (1 month ago)
Beautiful work Daniel! Love the Tango! Congratulations on your recent achievements.

DaMum (1 month ago)

pepsiandmax (1 month ago)
Just visited your website and found this piece has been chosen as the winner of the annual Alabama Orchestra Association's composition competition.and will be performed at the 2010 Alabama All-State Orchestra Festival with you as composer in residence! All I can say is Well Deserved & Congratulations!

pepsiandmax (1 month ago)
Definitely made this a Favourite! Love it and never tire of it, makes me feel really happy :-) jessesgirl10 (1 month ago)
Amazing again. I feel like applauding at the end! I am passing this along to my family so they can also enjoy.

EliaIglesias1 (2 months ago)
Dear Daniel Léo...I am in awe, mesmerized, without words !!!...I salute your amazing talent and your creative genius...You are an extraordinary gifted composer... Congratulations !!!

gusbracchi (2 months ago)
Definitively a new style! The percussion is a blend between latins and spanish sounds. Your mind can't stop! Good work. pcma1970 (2 months ago)
Brilliant orchestration! As always innovator and splendid harmony. And with much vivacity. My congratulations forwardtenth (2 months ago)
I'm listening to this wonderfull composition for the 3rd time. I love the Tango rythmn.
PhilippeThomas84 (4 months ago)
Obviously the greatest tango ever come back to you. You did redefine the style !

PhilippeThomas84 (4 months ago)
This is not nice, it is divine ! You are one of my greatest composer master ! I discovered you today and I feel that my journey is going to be rich of your teachings.

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I.N.S.O ~ Conductor Mohammed Amin Ezzat - Tuscaloosa Tango ~ Daniel Léo Simpson

Horn Concerto in F 1st Mov. (1/3) Daniel Léo Simpson

Flute Concerto in C Major (2/3) ~ Daniel Léo Simpson ~ Flötenkonzert

      Trio for Horn, Trombone & Piano goes to Berlin!
Universität der Künste Berlin, Deutschland
Horn Concerto in F 1st Mov. (1/3) Daniel Léo Simpson
Flute Concerto in C Major (2/3) ~ Daniel Léo Simpson ~ Flötenkonzert
Horn Concerto in F, 2nd Mov. (2/3) Larghetto, "Romance"

"Soliloquy" Live in Berlin


Piano Concerto In G Major (1/3) "Allegro Appassionato"

Impromptu in Eb Major
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Horn Concerto in F Major ~ 1st Movement
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Piano Concerto in G major (1/3) "Allegro Appassionato"
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"Our Song" (From August 1975)
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"Kýrie, eléison" 
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"Bright Flame"
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Songs Volume 1
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